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Avatar Categories

For greater ease of finding the type of avatar you are looking for, the avatars have now been divided into the categories below. Please select the appropriate category, depending on what type of avatar you are looking for:

Male Avatars - This would be human males (or elf, dwarf, humanoid males, or possibly some other entity clearly bearing a strong resemblence to a human male).

Female Avatars - Like the male avatars only with resemblance to a human female being the defining characteristic.

Misc Avatars - This is the catch-all category for any avatars that don't really fit well into the "male avatars" or female avatars classifications. Examples would be various animals and creatures (whose gender is not obvious to humans at a glance), abstract art, or inanimate objects.

Avatar FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions):

Q1. Why 90x90 pixels? Why not 80x80 or 100x100 or some other size?

A. It seemed like a good size to match what a lot of forums allow. Some forums will allow larger sizes (but generally still allow you to use 90x90). Others may have a lower size limit. In the case of a lower limit, feel free to resize an avatar to fit the limit. If you don't have any software to do that, you might want to try The Gimp. It's free, available for multiple operating systems, and has many other fine features.

Q2. Why are the avatars in gif format? Why not jpeg or png or some other format?

A. Gif offers a combination of good compression and wide acceptance. Also, I find that gif images are often clear and crisp compared to jpeg.


Terms of Use: You may use any of the graphic files ("avatars") available for download from the "Avatars" page(s) of as a personal avatar on message boards, forums, etc. where such use is allowed by the owning/operating entity of the message board/forum. No payment is sought or required for the use of the avatars. This permission applies ONLY to the files clearly designated as Avatars on the pages of entitled "Free Avatars" and NOT to any of the other graphic files on You are prohibited from reselling or redistributing these avatars in any manner without the express written permission of Ted Kuik.

You are responsible for any use you make of these avatars. It is your responsibility to determine whether or not the message board/forum/etc. where you wish to display an avatar allows the use of avatars and to comply with any requirements, fees etc. of the message board/ forum/etc. You may use a paint program such as "Paintshop Pro", "The GIMP", etc. if you need to resize an avatar to get it to conform to the rules of the message board or forum where you wish to display it. All avatars are provided "as is". Ted Kuik/Kuik Computer Services make no warranty of as to the fitness of these avatars for any particular purpose. Ted Kuik/Kuik Computer Services assume no liability for any consequential or inconsequential damages resulting from your use of these avatars including (but not limited to) visual problems from looking at tiny little objects too long, psychological tendencies to identify with odd looking characters, and possible ridicule from other people who may think they have chosen a better looking avatar than you have.

All avatars are copyright by Ted Kuik. Nothing in these terms of use gives you any ownership in the avatars.

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